Hostel accommodation is provided to every student who wants. Double room occupancies are available. The hostel has 24-hour Internet facility as well as Canteen for the students. It has indoor and outdoor games facilities besides well-laid sidewalks for jogging and walking. The management provides beds; the students will have to arrange for bed sheets and pillows. The hostels are built within the university campus to give students the access to library, reading room and studio (both Audio and TV) facilities throughout. The students interested need to book hostel accommodation ahead.


XCOMM has a spacious TV studio floor, TV Studio Control Room, Professional audio studios, Green room, lobby and Voiceover booth. Students have their own Video Edit Suites (10) and 10 more Adobe software loaded HP workstations for image editing software. The students also have a professional still photography room. Towards a very professional editing, there is a room for a Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro in a Mac Pro (cylindrical) and HP workstations with Avid Media Composer. All these are housed in a sprawling studio space of 4000 square feet.

TV STUDIO: The Television studio is fully digital and High Definition. The school has four Panasonic P2HD cameras {HPX172 (2) & PX270 (1)}, three Panasonic 103C and a Sony Handycam NEX VG10 for the television production courses. The PG, PGD and UG students have access to these cameras for their practical sessions. The studio also boasts of Data Video HD video recorder and a Panasonic P2HD Portable Player and Recorder. Studio has Professional Panasonic monitors for both online TV production and professional video Film production. The TV studio has a professional talkback system and has 6 boundary microphones that are connected to the audio and TV Studio Control Room for quality sound recording for production purposes. It has a separate Presonus audio console for a better audio for TV production.

AUDIO STUDIOS: Audio is an important aspect of production. The professional audio studio uses professional Presonus Studio Live 24.4.2 AI 24-input audio console. Studio uses Studio 1 Pro. It has a wide range of microphones. The sound studio boasts of Shure Cordless, Blue Bird (Spark), Bluebird Reactor, Beyer dynamic, Shure SM 58, Short Gun, lapels, cordless hard mic, and pioneer cordless mics.

EDIT SUITES & WORKSTATIONS: The students will have access to a lab with 10 Final Cut Studio installed edit suites and 10 Dell desktops for designing and print media assignments. The workstations have Adobe Creative Cloud with software like After Effects® CC, Dreamweaver® CC, Fireworks®, Flash® Professional CC, Illustrator® CC, InDesign® CC, Photoshop® Extended CC, and Premiere® Pro CC. The edit suites have other software like QuarkXPress and Editorial Systems for the print journalism applications.

MASTER EDIT SUITES: There is a separate studio where master Edit Suites are placed. It has the latest cylindrical Apple Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro with professional sound monitors. HP workstation with dual monitors is used for video editing and the system has Media Composer software.

TELEPROMPTER: Teleprompter is equipment that is used for presentation, newscast and news production. Teleprompter gives an anchor or news reader or presenter ample opportunity to read the text looking into the camera and read the text as if looking into the audience.

PROFESSIONAL LIGHTS: The studio floor uses multi-20, multi-10, cool lights with 4 banks, 3 banks, and 2 banks. The studio also uses professional LED lights with DMX controller, which could change the colors or mix colors at a given time. There are two spotlights and 4 babies with all the accessories. Outdoor lights are also available for the production of short films and documentaries.

XCOMM Still Photography XCOMM Still Photography section has a Digital Still Photography Room with Elinchrom 200 (strobe lights), Backdrop Kit and other lights required for indoor digital photography. The students will have access to Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Nikon D7000 DSLR cameras with a variety of lenses and other studio accessories. Students use the equipment as well the photography room for practice and assignment purposes.


It has over 800 books on Mass Communication covering several theoretical and practical areas like communication theories, research, argumentation, script writing, direction, cinematography, broadcasting, journalism, psychology, sound, radio production, manuals of different software, and selected back volumes of International Journals. There are around 400 award winning feature films and documentaries in different languages for screening and some rare audio albums (instrumental) for reference. We at XCOMM encourage our students to engage with these texts so that they develop a base for critical thinking & contextual arguments early on.