PG Diploma in BCJcovers select areas of mass communication like Journalism, Television production, Argumentation, Mass Communication theories, Reporting for TV, Video Editing and Scripting for Radio & TV News. Other related subjects make a student professional broadcast journalist. Every student is taught to provide truthful and intelligent account of the news, to serve as a forum for the exchange of comment and criticism, to present an accurate picture of constituent groups in society. He or she learns to circulate and clarify goals and values of society and gains full access to information through inputs and the practical projects that he/she would undertake using the high-end equipment provided at XCOMM. A PG diploma student of BCJ will do 75 credits in 2 semesters.



Subjects Credits Faculty
Mass Communication Theories 3 Lourduraj Ignacimuthu
Television Studies 3 Lourduraj Ignacimuthu
Art, Culture & Heritage 2 Visiting faculty
Hands on Journalism 3 Pradyuman Maheswari
English Language Skills 3 Debopriya Banerjee


Subjects Credits Faculty
Digital Still Photography 3 Rajat Ghosh
Cinematography 3 Ashijit Ganguli
Digital Video Editing 4 Shruti Bora
Computer Applications in Media 3 Satyanarayan Mahopatra
News Feature Film 3 Satyabrata Das


Subjects Credits Faculty
News Reporting 3 Jolly Jose
Argumentation 2 Debopriya Banerjee
Features & Editorial writing 3 Debopriya Banerjee
Total 38


Subjects Credits Faculty
Mass Media Research 3 Lourduraj Ignacimuthu
Digital Audio Production 3 Hudson Taylor
TV Production 3 Satyabrata Das
Social Media & Online Journalism 3 Luke Mendes


Subjects Credits Faculty
Photojournalism 2 Shilbhadra Dutta
Script Writing for Television 3 Amala Thomas
Public Speaking & Presentational Skills 2 Debopriya Banerjee


Subjects Credits Faculty
Final Social Documentary 6 Satyabrata Das
Online TV Production 4 Lourduraj Ignacimuthu
Web designing 3 Satyanarayan Mahopatra
Print Production 3 Satyanarayan Mahopatra


Subjects Credits Faculty
Electronic Media Management 1 Alwyn Rodrigues SJ
Aesthetics 1 V. S. George SJ
Total 37


Projects that are done by every PG Diploma student of BCJ will make him a broadcast journalist and a hardcore media professional. The projects give the students skills for being a broadcaster, editor, writer, documentary filmmaker, an anchor, and online journalist. For every credit, which is 10 hours, the student is expected to put in 10 hours of pre-course and 10 hours of post-course. In addition to these, there will be field reporting, electronic newsgathering and workshops/guest lectures scheduled as per availability of the resource person. Depending on the availability of media professionals from the broadcast industry, the sessions could be held on the week-ends.


XCOMM has a fully equipped air-conditioned studio, a soundproof control room, a sound studio, cameras and lights to enable students to prepare productions that will simulate real life work situations. XCOMM has a HDTV studio with professional lights and all that go with professional Film & TV production. The studio has facilities like professional Panasonic HD cameras, edit suites, online switcher which can handle 8-inputs, and a teleprompter.


  • Any graduate in Arts, Mass Media, Engineering, Science or Commerce.
  • There is an on-line entrance test followed by an individual interview at Bhubaneswar or skype interview.
  • Working persons are not eligible.
  • Attendance is compulsory for all lectures, film screenings, workshops and other group activities in order to graduate and receive the diploma.
  • As the course is physically demanding, absenteeism because of ill- health may disqualify a student.